Who Are We?

School Mission Statement

At Glen Urquhart, we encourage children to:

Explore their intellects and develop their imaginations,

Pose questions as often as they devise solutions,

Speak individually, yet work collaboratively,

Discover the best within themselves,

Respect all people and value their differences,

Act responsibly in our community and in the world.

Diversity Statement

Glen Urquhart School is committed to the ongoing process of building and sustaining an inclusive and respectful community and culture.  The School strives to provide an educational experience free from prejudice.  We seek to achieve this goal through better understanding and honoring of diversity in its many forms, including those of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, family structure, and physical and learning abilities. Active commitment to this ideal is fundamental to the School’s mission to encourage children, as well as all members of the school community, to respect the rights of all people and value their differences.


Welcome to Glen Urquhart School, an independent school for grades kindergarten through eight located in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. Glen Urquhart evolved from the commitment of a group of parents, led by Lynne Warren, to create a school where children would be stimulated to learn for its own sake because the process would totally engage them physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Greenhouse, North Entrance

First founded in 1977 as North Shore Middle School for a handful of students and teachers who met in the basement of a local church, the school took residence on the former 23-acre Orchidvale Estate in Beverly Farms in 1981. Here, where wealthy industrialist Albert Burrage had years before raised thousands of varieties of orchids in 28 greenhouses, the buildings and grounds were transformed into a place of learning. In concert with the founding vision for the school, the boundaries between inside and out were virtually erased by the large windows with views out onto grand expanses of land. How appropriate that our school should be on land once home to one of the largest, most famous and diverse orchid collections in the country since orchids, like children, grow best with support and patience, natural sunlight and fresh air, and with deep roots planted in rich soil.

Today, Glen Urquhart, affectionately known as GUS, has 235 students from 25 towns and cities on the North Shore of Boston. Our teaching continues to be informed by a commitment to Knowledge, Creativity and Character.

The school’s motto, Meane Weil. Speak Weil. Doe Weil, taken from the clan of Urquhart in Scotland, expresses the values promoted in the school every day.