Message from Head of School

Welcome to the Glen Urquhart web site, and thank you for taking time to explore our unique program and school community. It is with tremendous excitement and a profound sense of purpose that I begin my tenure as head of school. I have chosen GUS, not only for myself, but also for my two children, and I feel strongly that I could not have made a better choice. My deep affection for and great pride in GUS are sparked by its rich, child-centered program; experienced and dedicated staff; and engaged, committed families. Above all, the culture of the school and the quality and authenticity of the relationships among students, parents, and teachers are what draw me to GUS and fuel my enthusiasm for leading the school forward.

The world our children will enter as our next generation of leaders demands a new and evolving set of skills and a broad understanding of an increasingly global society.  Creativity, innovation, empathy, and the ability to construct meaning from a “big picture” perspective must be essential outcomes alongside more traditional curricular objectives.  At GUS, we endeavor to prepare students for success not only within a competitive academic environment, but also as members of a fascinating and ever-changing global community.

As you go about the important business of choosing a school that is the right match for your family, there will be no experience more valuable than a visit to campus.  I have learned, in my twenty-five years in independent schools, that the school selection process is informed as much by intuition as by research, and appropriately so.  You have likely developed parameters that may include class size, student-teacher ratio, strength of faculty, depth and breadth of programming, and vibrancy of school community. As important, however, is how a school feels to you and to your child when you are on campus and able to interact with its inhabitants. A web site or a conversation with a current family can be extremely useful, but nothing can take the place of being here. I hope you will take the next step and make an appointment to come see us.

-David M. Provost, Head of School