Faculty and Staff

At Glen Urquhart, it isn’t uncommon to walk by a classroom and see 7th graders applying scientific principles to find solutions to global problems. Or to pop into the 1st grade to see students and teachers pressed up against the windows observing their monarch caterpillars as they hatch into butterflies. And a lot of what GUS is about doesn’t take place in a classroom at all. It’s happening in our 7,000 square foot greenhouse, along our nature trail, at the MIT Media Lab, or even in places as far away as Honduras, where our 8th graders work at an orphanage. When our teachers look into the faces of their students, from the tiniest kindergartener to the most familiar 8th grader, they see individuals who each have a unique path before them; and they see the opportunity, responsibility, and privilege of helping those children dream, achieve, and succeed.


“My wife and I spent the fall  meeting teachers from North Shore independent schools. The kindergartens were largely indistinguishable until we met Sandy.

Sandy discussed a variety of techniques and how the temperament and experience of your child guided her selection of when to apply them. She showed us the kindergarten as it fit into the larger GUS experience. Our understanding of kindergarten was changed by Sandy from a single list of steps and goals to a three dimensional map, each child starting in their own place. She meets your child at their current levels, and guides them gently but firmly towards the next set of goals. ” –Parent, Grade 1


“What first struck me about Catherine was her warm smile and easy manner. Upon entering her classroom, I felt her genuine love of art—it was full of color, texture, creativity, and spirit. She found a way to nuture the artist in each child, while encouraging them to develop their own style.  When I saw the depth of color and materials in what my children brought home, I knew this was an experience they would remember always.”
–Parent, Grades 5 and 6


“Señora Kelley is always cheerful and fun, and she made learning Spanish interactive and enjoyable.  Her kindness and affection for the orphans in Honduras was infectious, and visiting Honduras had a tremendous affect on my outlook on the world and how lucky I am to have parents and a home.”
–GUS Alum, Class of 2010

The faculty and staff of Glen Urquhart is one of the most experienced and dedicated groups of professionals to be found anywhere. There is very little turnover in the faculty from year to year because teachers love to teach here. Below are a few quick facts about the faculty. On subsequent pages you will find additional background information on each of them, as well as a statement about why they love to work at Glen Urquhart.


Twenty-nine of our teachers have Master’s degrees; one has a Doctorate.


Twelve have been teaching at GUS longer than 15 years.
Six have been teaching at GUS longer than 10 years.
Six have been teaching at GUS longer than five years.


The head of our math department has made three recent visits to China to study their education system as well as to share our math program with their middle school teachers. One of our teachers spent three weeks in Japan recently as a recipient of an award from the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. One teacher began his career in film-making, working for 20th-Century Fox, and now incorporates film-making into teaching English.


One of our teachers travels to Honduras twice a year to volunteer at an orphanage. One teacher is a volunteer instructor for the ESL program in Gloucester.