Jennifer Arthur, Third Grade Co-Teacher    1991

B.A. Colby College
M.Ed. Lesley College

“When I first came to GUS in 1991, I was struck by how supportive the students were of each other in all activities, either in the classroom or on the recess field. Over twenty years later, I still feel that GUS students are special in this way.”

Annie Barton, Upper School Sports Coach   2003

B.A. University of Vermont
M.S. Boston University

“What’s not to like?! This is the first job that I have had where I have really enjoyed coming to work every day. Although a snow day is never a bad thing . . .”

Jeffrey Bartsch, Humanities 8  2011

B.A.           Trinity College
M.Ed.        Tufts University

“Schools should be environments that engage children, encouraging their abundant energy. Classrooms should spark their active participation in examining themselves, the community around them, and the wider world. I try to spark this involvement by establishing an environment of exploration, buoyed by time for reflection, an atmosphere of mutual trust, and a sense of joyful humor. Glen Urquhart is such a community.”

Amy Billings, Kindergarten Co-Teacher    2010

B.S.  Springfield College

“It has always been my dream to work with students in a creative and natural environment. I can accomplish this dream and even expand into the clouds here at Glen Urquhart. The ideas are never ending, faculty support is around every corner, and eager young minds fill the Kindergarten classroom every morning. I feel lucky to be a part of this family we call Glen Urquhart.”

Georgia Bills, Fine Arts Chair, US Music & 7th Grade Drama 2012

B.A.            Ithaca College

M.A.             University of Connecticut

“It is a joy to be part of a community that celebrates the arts from soup to nuts.”

Linda Bowden, Fourth Grade Co-Teacher    1980

B.A. Colgate University

“The environment at GUS provides and encourages genuine learning for children and adults. The collaborative nature of our co-teaching model is enlivening and essential for making my lessons and activities meaningful for students.”

Kathleen Bracken, Fourth Grade Co-Teacher    2005

B.S. University of New Hampshire
M.S. Emerson College

“To learn to live to teach is what I love about working in a GUS classroom!”

Melodie Jeffery-Cassell, Dance Teacher    2013

B.A. California State University

“The inspiring, invigorating, and collaborative approach to teaching at GUS supports my goals of empowering our young thinkers and artists through the art of movement.  I am overjoyed to be included in a learning community that feels like family!”

Kimberly Catlin, Second Grade Co-Teacher 2012

B.A.             Simmons College

M.A.             Simmons College

“Every day at Glen Urquhart School is a treasure for me. I am surrounded by charismatic learners, dedicated educators, and a community in which individuality and collaboration are celebrated. It is wonderful to work with inspiring students and teachers alike!”

Patricia Clark, Music K-5, Assemblies    2006

B.A. University of Montana
M.Music, Arizona State University

“I am grateful to teach at a school with such a gifted and passionate faculty and with such enthusiastic and creative children who love to sing! “

Sydney Clarke, English 7  2011

B.A.           Trinity College
M.S.          Wheelock College

“When students leave GUS, they are self-assured, articulate thinkers, generous at heart and observant and interested in the people and the natural world around them. The teaching possibilities for these students are limitless!”

Catherine Cobb, Art K-4    1988

B.A. Middlebury College
M.A. Lesley College

“What I have always appreciated about teaching at Glen Urquhart is being part of a dynamic learning environment where the commitment to imagination, risk taking and individual expression takes place daily within a unique spirit of community.”

Joanne Crerand, Librarian  2011

B.S.           Ithaca College
M.A.          Northeastern University

“I am so pleased to be the librarian at GUS. I have been a parent at GUS for eleven years and appreciate most that the teachers strive to get students engaged in personally meaningful and creative ways with the curriculum. GUS is about nurturing children’s visual, oral, and written expression, and so promising them a lifetime of aesthetic pleasure and participation in the world. What a gift for me to take part by providing books that feed and spark those budding creative energies.”

Kristen Cressey, Spanish K-6  2011

B.A.           Hope College
M.Ed.        Boston College

“I am so thrilled to be teaching young children Spanish at GUS!  I believe learning a language as a child is the best way for children to become fluent, attain correct pronunciation, and gain an appreciation for another culture.”

Emilie Cushing, Science  7    2013

B.S. Purdue University
M.S. Antioch University

“It’s so wonderful to be back at GUS–it feels like home.  My colleagues continue to amaze me with their dedication, enthusiasm, and kindness.  The curious, thoughtful students that I have the privilege to work with, and the quiet beauty of the campus that I am surrounded by both make it a joy to be here.”

Christine Draper, Social Studies 6 & 7    1999

B.S. Gordon College
M.Ed. Lesley College
Ed.D. University of Massachusetts at Lowell

“The emphasis on teaching children rather than covering content; the creative, collaborative and passionate colleagues; the highest degree of intellectual freedom I have ever experienced — these are the reasons I love to teach at Glen Urquhart School.”

Bruce Emerson, Athletic Director, Life Skills 6    1992

B.S. University of Massachusetts

“Teaching at GUS allows me the opportunity to really get to know and build a relationship with a student and his/her family, which gives me the ability to really understand what is best for each student.”

Danielle Harrington, Second Grade Co-Teacher     2010

B.A.   Tufts University
M.A.T.  Tufts University

“It is very exciting for me to be here at Glen Urquhart. The teachers and families care deeply about students’ growth. The children have the space and the guidance to grow their minds, their hearts, and their sense of self that comes from achievement and the freedom to follow their curiosity.  First graders are so insightful, exuberant, and ready to learn. At GUS, they can be all these things and more.”

Caroline Kepka, Fifth Grade Co-Teacher   2011

B.A.           University of Colorado

“Glen Urquhart School is a positive, welcoming, and motivational place where children feel challenged and encouraged to expand their knowledge and reach for new heights. It is such an inspirational environment in which to teach.”

Barbara Kelley, Spanish 7 & 8    1993

B.A. Oklahoma State University
M.A. Monterey Institute of International Studies

“I love hearing the friendly ‘holas’ from students walking through the
school.  The K-8 Spanish curriculum offers exciting opportunities to create community around a common theme.  I love teaching in a school where we think carefully about how and why we do every little thing.  My colleagues make each day exciting and creative.”

Courtney Kelly, First Grade Co-Teacher  2012

B.A.     Drew University

M.A.    Lesley University

“I am honored to be teaching at the same school that once taught me and molded me into the person I am today. The overarching goals and undeniable warmth that Glen Urquhart has maintained throughout the years is something I wish to carry on in teaching here. My heart and soul is dedicated to see that every child at GUS reaches their potential through a nurturing environment that challenges and stretches each learner.”

Brendan McEachern, Fifth Grade Co-Teacher    2007

B.S. Syracuse University
M.Ed. Salem State College

“Glen Urquhart students are so eager to learn.  They continue to challenge me to teach them something new every day.  GUS allows me the flexibility to get creative, inventive, and to try new approaches in teaching material.”

Jody Norton, Fifth Grade Co-Teacher  2012

B.A.             Williams College

“As a community member for many years, and now a teacher at Glen Urquhart, I’ve truly learned what this school offers. I’ve learned that the students are unquestionably inspiring and are inspired to question beyond their daily lessons. I’ve learned that the teachers reach for excellence and are excellent at reaching their students. I’ve learned that everyone cares for our community, and the GUS community cares for everyone. Glen Urquhart is just where I want to teach — just where I love to teach.”

Ray Novack, Band Director  2012

B.A.             University of Massachusetts

“I am very excited to start a new chapter in my teaching career and feel very fortunate to conduct the student musicians at GUS.”

Arcie Petty, Latin 6, 7, & 8  2011

B.A.           Boston University

“GUS truly values collaborative learning.  As a teacher, I am always in awe of what projects and curriculum ideas I can put in place in the classroom.  It is a joy to be a part of such a dynamic learning community.”

Marnie Potish, First Grade Co-Teacher  2012

B.A.             Middlebury College

“I am thrilled and proud to be part of the warm, welcoming, child-centered and highly collaborative community of Glen Urquhart School. It is a place where creativity, individuality, and social-emotional well-being are fostered and where teachers and students alike are happy and excited about learning.  The instruction is intentional and meaningful to provide a foundation for lifelong learners and contributors.”

David Pruden, English 6  2004

B.A. Michigan State University
M.S. Lesley University

“It is the physical as well as the collegial environment which inspires me to work at GUS.   Being surrounded by such natural beauty, while having the opportunity to work with such a creative and supportive faculty, refreshes and motivates me on a daily basis.  I am fortunate to work in such a dynamic setting.”

Beth Riley, Technology Director    1999

B.S. Boston University
M.Ed. Northeastern University
Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education

“Over the past 10 years it has been my pleasure to support our GUS faculty as they learn to embrace educational technology in a myriad of ways that empower both good teaching and learning.  This has been an exciting time to forward innovative educational ideas within such a receptive and creative community.”

Jo Slavitz, Science 6 & 8    2013

B.S. Syracuse University

Merelyn Smith, Math Department Chair, Math 7    1979

B.S. Gordon College
M.S. University of New Hampshire

“The respect, warmth, openness, and support of administrators, colleagues, students, and parents in the community make coming to school an enjoyable experience.”

Dawn Southworth, Art 5-8     1996

B.F.A.  Massachusetts College of Art

“I LOVE teaching at GUS – Year after year, I never cease to be amazed by the unbridled enthusiasm for learning and discovery.”

Cheri Sperr, Math 6, Math Lab 7-8    2000

B.S. Gordon College
M.Ed. Lesley College

“The GUS community engages in learning as a series of dialogs in which teacher and student each expand the world of the other.  Students learn, and I learn too!  This is why I like teaching at GUS.”

Carol Stewart, Academic Support Coordinator   1987

A.B. Smith College
M.S. University of Pennsylvania

“It is inspiring to work with such a dedicated, generous group of colleagues.   Cooperative and never competitive, they share time and expertise, as well as materials, ideas and new technology.  The children’s experience is greatly enriched by the teachers’ collaboration.  It is truly a wonderful community in which to work.  Each day I’m intellectually challenged by challenging kids’ intellects, and I’m overjoyed to work in a place where learning is so joyful!”

Sandra Thoms, Kindergarten Co-Teacher    1988

B.S. Wheelock College
M.Ed. Antioch College

“After 21 years at GUS, I still feel every week holds moments of delight, challenge, stimulation and opportunities for growth and introspection.  Being a part of the lives of five and six year olds is energizing and refreshing.”

Maureen Twombly, Third Grade Co-Teacher     2010

B.A.   Northeastern University

“It is so exciting to be able to teach in a classroom that truly engages the student in active learning. Each day we invite students on a journey where teachers are fellow passengers ready to explore, eager to investigate, and excited to grow!”

Julie Wyman, Math 6 & 8  2011

B.A.           University of Massachusetts
Ed.M.       Harvard Graduate School of Education

“It is a pleasure to teach and learn in the innovative and respectful environment that is characteristic of GUS. The many opportunities to thrive are enhanced by our beautiful facility and idyllic campus.”