Administration and Staff

Cheryl Arsenault, Receptionist      2010

“It is a pleasure to work in the front lobby at GUS where I see first hand how happy the students are to come to school each day.  It is a remarkable group of teachers, staff, and administrators who stand for educational excellence and make GUS such a unique place for learning.  It is a privilege to be a member of the GUS staff.”

Pam Binnie, Health and Wellness Coordinator    2013

B.A. University of Pennsylvania

M.A. New York University

M.S.N. MGH Institute of Health Professions

Cotton Carlson, Special Events Coordinator    1992

A.A. Endicott College

“After twenty years of working at Glen Urquhart, I still find it an inspirational setting because we are constantly given the opportunity to continue to be life long learners encompassed by a mission and philosophy that not only embraces the students but also faculty and staff. Within my job I am able to explore my individuality, display my creativity, work collaboratively, and continue to learn and grow along with the students and my colleagues.”

Brad Chisholm, Buildings and Grounds Superintendent    1999

“As a GUS Parent and employee, I love working at GUS because I get to watch my child engage and grow every day.”

Elaine Collupy, Administrative Assistant    2001

A.S. North Shore Community College

“Family is very important to me. This is why I really love my job, it’s like family…I love it when the kids come and talk to me about their day and yell my name as I walk through the court yard while they are having recess and feel comfortable to hug me as I pass them in the hallways. When parents come and sit with me and have conversations about their child, life, and what to make for dinner, I do for them what I would do for my family.”

Debora Diggins, Director of Summer Camp and After School    2008

B.A. University of Massachusetts
M.A. Lesley University

“I like working with the students at GUS because they are so wonderfully enthusiastic about doing things wholeheartedly, whether it’s playing tag on the playground, baking blueberry muffins, or taking a walk on the nature trail.”

Melanie D’orio, Director of GAIN@GUS 2013

Gretchen Forsyth, Director of the Upper School     2010

B.A.  Bowdoin College

M.A.  Columbia University

M.S.W.  Boston College

“With my interest in community building and character education, it was important to me to find a school that placed an equal importance on the social-emotional health of students. I believe that learning should be fun and here at GUS, there is a wonderful balance between academics and play that allows students to grow into confident and comfortable young people who are prepared for whatever challenges they may face. It is amazing to watch how children thrive and develop when they are in an environment where it safe to take risks and where dedicated teachers motivate young people to be their best selves. On the field, in the classroom, or on the stage, I am constantly in awe of all that our students accomplish. I feel so lucky to be part of this community and I am looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to be a student!”

Susan Hepler, Director of Annual Fund and Community Relations     2010

B.S.  University of Connecticut

“It’s a pleasure to come to work everyday at GUS.  We have such a committed and caring group of parents that help me in so many ways and a talented faculty and staff that inspire and challenge me.  I feel I’ve benefited from being at GUS as much as the students, and I am grateful for this.”

Lisa Kent, Director of Communication Strategy     2010

B.A.  Colby College

“I am forever inspired and humbled by the teachers and students here. Their innovative, forward thinking, and collaborative approach to teaching and learning are amazing to witness. As a mother of  two young children, I am equally attracted to the supportive environment in which GUS students grow. I love my job. What a gift it is to work at a school like GUS.”

Sarah Kotwicki, Director of the Lower School    2013

B.S. Skidmore College
M.A. Lesley University

“When I first arrived to GUS, I felt at home.  There is a clear sense that this is a place where learning happens at all levels.  The faculty are thoughtful, curious, and willing to take risks.  This allows us to create a learning environment for our students in which they can stumble and soar.  Our students, faculty and families are all an important part of this journey.”

MaryAnn LaCarubba, Director of Finance    2009

B.A. Colby College
M.B.A. Suffolk University

“I like working at GUS because of the wonderful children and the remarkable things I see happening, on a daily basis, in and out of the classroom.”

Leslie Marchesseault, Director of Admission    1992

B.A. William Paterson College

“After twenty years at Glen Urquhart, I still love the things that stay the same.. the caring for others, the devotion to students and teaching, and the unexpected spontaneous moments of joy that happen each day.”

David M. Provost, Head of School    2012

B.A. from Union College
M.Ed. Lesley University

“I have chosen GUS, not only for myself, but also for my two children, and I feel strongly that I could not have made a better choice. My already deep and steadily growing affection for GUS is sparked by its rich, child-centered program, experienced and dedicated staff, and engaged, committed families. Above all, the culture of the school and the quality and authenticity of the community drew me to GUS.

Kelly Rostad, Director of PR and Media Relations   2013

B.S.  University of Colorado

“I have worked in television, radio, print, and online media for the past twenty years and it is my pleasure to now promote Glen Urquhart School as Director of PR & Media Relations. I am so excited to share all of the wonderful things teachers, students, and staff are doing here at the school, and I look forward to planning events throughout the year that showcase what a special place GUS is.”