Financial Aid FAQs

Is financial aid connected to the admission process?

The admission committee and financial aid committee operate concurrently yet separately. Invitations to enroll and the offer of a financial aid grant are independent decisions.

What portion of the student body receives financial aid?

30% of all students receive some level of financial support. The grants range from small grants of $1500 to grants that cover the majority of the tuition. We ask that each family pay some part of the tuition, even if it is a small portion.

What is the total of the financial aid funds that are awarded for the 2013-2014 school year?

Over $800,000 will be awarded for the 2013-2014 school year.

How and when do I complete the financial aid application?

Families who are interested in financial aid may apply on line by going to the NAIS web site at and clicking on the link to the School and Student Services. Parents may complete the application on line or download a hard copy and mail it to SSS. Based on your economic profile and the area of the country where you live, SSS will make a calculation on what  discretionary income is available to pay for independents school costs.  All paper work goes to SSS, however if there are extenuating economic circumstances that you would like us to know about, we encourage families to write a letter to the Glen Urquhart financial aid committee describing them in detail.

When are financial decisions made and received?

Once we are able to see your financial aid report on line, the financial aid committee will meet and consider all of the families who have submitted an application. Based on the recommendations of the SSSFA, the committee will distribute the financial aid funds in the fairest possible way. Financial aid awards accompany the invitation to enroll at the school.