The mission of the Glen Urquhart School GAIN@GUS program is to provide access for students in the cities of Beverly, Lynn, and surrounding areas to academic and recreational summer enrichment. GAIN@GUS extends academic skills in math and language arts through classroom and outdoor experiences and off-campus day trips in the greater Boston area.

Currently, GAIN@GUS meets for five weeks during the  summer, please contact Melanie D’Orio at • 978-927-1064 ext. 234 or Leslie Marchesseault at 978-927-1064 ext. 115 or for more more information.

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“Through GAIN@GUS, my daughter grew academically, socially, and emotionally. GAIN@GUS challenged her and encouraged her to strive toward her goals. Overall, GAIN@GUS is a fun education program for kids, set in a loving, full camp experience.” — GAIN@GUS and GUS Parent

Glen Urquhart School launched GAIN@GUS in the summer of 2010 with an enrollment of 12 students between the ages of nine and twelve. This summer the program will expand to 24 students. Classes are taught by experienced Glen Urquhart School faculty and GUS seventh and eighth grade student interns. Students use all the resources of the 23-acre campus, including a cutting edge computer lab, fully equipped art room, science lab, nature trail, and 7,000 square foot greenhouse. During the afternoon, students focus on life skills. They learn about nutrition and goal-setting, tend the camp vegetable and flower gardens, visit off-site educational and cultural institutions, and relax together at local beaches. A nutritional breakfast and lunch are provided on site.

“GAIN@GUS was my first experience with teaching. I learned quickly that many skills were needed, and that they weren’t all about subject content. Each student came to the experience with his or her own set of needs and circumstances. It was important to find a way to connect in a real and personal way. Although my formal role was to assist in the teaching, I definitely feel that I learned as much if not more than the students with whom I worked.” Parker Malarkey, GUS Intern and Alum

Being an intern at GAIN@GUS is a powerful experience for our seventh and eighth grade students. While assisting in the classrooms and accompanying the GAIN students in afternoon activities, our interns learn important leadership skills. However, it is what the GAIN students give back to GUS students that proves to be equally if not more important. Together, they create, collaborate, innovate, and solve problems with the mutual benefit of receiving exposure to diverse student perspectives from a range of communities, backgrounds, and experiences.

“Working as an intern at GAIN@GUS, I had a great time. Whether it was setting up breakfast in the morning, helping to teach in classrooms, or playing sports with the students outside, the memories of the program will be with me always. While no specific highlights come to mind, it is not for a lack of diversion and activities, but, in fact, for an overwhelming multitude of them. The bonds I formed with the students, fellow interns, and teachers coalesced quickly, and remain strong today. I hope my future jobs will be as rewarding as this first one.” —David Todd, GUS Intern and Alum


For four consecutive summers, thanks to the support of our donors and the Glen Urquhart community, GAIN@GUS has maintained a consistent and interconnected collaboration between GUS and community-based organizations in Beverly and Lynn. Implicit in the founding goals of the GAIN@GUS summer program is the commitment to enroll a percentage of qualified and deserving students into grades five through eight at Glen Urquhart annually. It is with deep gratitude and enthusiasm that we thank our current Glen Urquhart families who so generously contributed $92,500 to the GAIN@GUS Scholarship Fund this spring. This funding lays the foundation to continue our school’s commitment to diversity and an inclusive and respectful culture at Glen Urquhart School for all who attend.  Partnership gifts and donations to GAIN@GUS provide salaries for our summer teachers and student interns, nutritious daily meals, classroom materials and supplies, and the cost of weekly outings. GAIN@GUS scholarship donations and 5•5•3 pledges go directly to funding a GAIN@GUS scholarship for the academic school year at Glen Urquhart.

WHAT IS 5.5.3?

Our 5•5•3 scholarship provides financial support for eligible GAIN@GUS students to attend Glen Urquhart for grades five through eight.  Implicit in the founding goals of the GAIN@GUS summer program is to enroll qualified students in Glen Urquhart School annually.

The scholarship 5•5•3  is based on the concept of five donors donating $5000 for three consecutive years.  We also welcome any contributions sustained over three years or for just one school year.  We believe Glen Urquhart’s small classes and rich academic and social environment  during the critical adolescent years will provide students with a foundation for success in high school and beyond.


Melanie D’Orio: Director

Cheri Sperr: Mathematics Teacher

Danielle Harrington: Language Arts Teacher

Amy Billings: Afternoon Teacher

For more information about our program or to learn more about making a contribution to GAIN@GUS, please contact:

Melanie D’Orio  at • 978-927-1064 ext. 234
or Leslie Marchesseault, Director of Admission for Glen Urquhart School

978-927-1064 ext. 115 •

Thank you for your interest in GAIN@GUS!