Grandparents’ Association

The GUS Grandparents’ Association was founded to provide a way for grandparents of GUS students to meet each other and to become better informed about the programs and activities at the school. Grandparents are welcome to visit the school at any time, but there are two events that are of particular interest. One is Grand Friends’ Day, which occurs each fall.  Grandparents and other special friends of GUS students are invited to spend the morning at the school attending a reception in their honor, visiting classes, and watching a musical assembly in which all GUS students participate.

In the spring there is a special Grandparents’ Association Lunch, which includes a lovely lunch at the school and participation in some activity after lunch. It might be a walk on the nature trail, a visit to the computer lab, or a special activity in our greenhouse. Whatever the activity, it’s a way for grandparents to meet each other and to learn more about what their grandchildren do at this wonderful school.

If you are interested in joining a planning group, please contact Susan Hepler at or call 978 927-1064 ext, 117. We welcome all suggestions from grandparents and hope to hear from you.