Inside Our Classrooms

Since 1977, Glen Urquhart has been a leader in offering a challenging educational experience that combines learning inside and outside the classroom. Knowledge, Creativity, and Character are the pillars of a GUS education.


Our curriculum is DISTINCT in many ways.

  • Our program is designed for the appropriate DEVELOPMENTAL stages of our students.
  • Math, science, reading, writing and the arts are INTEGRATED, creating a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Subject studies SPIRAL, so that what is learned in previous grades is built on and expanded in successive grades.
  • Our focus is THEMATIC, each grade spending the entire year on a subject that relates to themselves and their world.


  • Instruction is INDIVIDUALIZED when necessary to meet the different learning styles, levels of understanding and needs of children.
  • By NURTURING our students, they feel valued, respected and cared for emotionally and intellectually and they learn to nurture others and the environment.
  • Our CHILD-CENTERED approach puts children first – their health, their happiness and their development. We then expect them to value themselves and others.
  • A GUS education is THOROUGH. Children learn the basics but their education never stops there. They must learn to use their knowledge, be creative, and develop their character through all they do.

The Glen Urquhart Edge

  • Two credentialed teachers are in each K-5 classroom.
  • Spanish culture and language instruction is offered in all grades, beginning in kindergarten.
  • Small student/teacher ratio in all grades is never compromised.
  • Service learning projects beginning in kindergarten and culminating in an eighth grade work week teach students about their global and community responsibilities.
  • Our outdoor classroom, nature trail and large greenhouse provide perfect settings for environmental and science study.
  • Computer classes prepare our students for the rapidly changing technology.
  • Dance and music classes in all grades, as well as drama classes in upper school, reflect our commitment to the arts and to the value of expression in all forms.

Our faculty and administration share the goal of creating an environment for children to grow as individuals and blossom as members of a community.