First Grade

“Who Am I?” is the central question of the first grade theme, as it is a central question in first graders’ lives. First grade children learn to read, write, swim and ride two-wheelers. They lose teeth and find friends. They try to discover who they are as individuals, as part of a family, a classroom, a small school, and the larger community. Classroom activities provide answers for their questions through a series of interdisciplinary units focusing on, among other topics, the five senses, the human body, and the life cycles of animals, plants and humans. Children study these topics through hands-on projects that integrate science, social studies, art and literature.

They spend part of every day learning to read and write in both individual and small group instruction. They spend an hour each day being challenged by mathematics that requires the manipulation of concrete materials to answer abstract questions. They are respected, challenged, comforted and celebrated. They are beginning to know themselves inside and out.