Second Grade

Second graders ask the thematic question “Where Do I Live?” Beginning with their personal experiences such as in their homes and neighborhoods, the students come to understand homes as shelters, as places where they gather with those they love. Simultaneously, students examine some of the animals who share our natural environment and begin to understand how they meet their needs. This sets the stage for considering life in earlier times. First they learn about the migration of their family members to North America.

They then learn about the colonists who struggled to survive in a strange new land and the Native Americans that they met. Finally, they go back to the formation of the earth and see how its gradual changes have supported new life forms. They learn how scientists have used a variety of discoveries to piece together the puzzle of prehistoric life. The students use books, videos, discussions, museum visits, visiting experts, projects and scientific techniques to learn about their surroundings. They demonstrate their new knowledge through writing, drawing, model building and a wide variety of other activities.