Third Grade

Third graders, ready to explore beyond their immediate environment, consider the thematic question “Where Am I Going?” The students explore their own communities in depth before orienting themselves on the globe with an introduction to the continents and the oceans. During a study of cities, they look at the process of government from the local town to the state level. As the world of the third grader expands, they continue with a study of community in another biome, the desert.

The year concludes with a study of society in a different historical period, the Middle Ages. The children’s literature, reading, writing, music, art, dance and science are integrated into each of these topics. Research, role-playing and projects provide opportunities for different learning styles. Mathematics is approached intuitively, concretely, pictorially, linguistically, and abstractly.

As the third grader grows and develops as a member of the world community, he/she learns the need for respect, tolerance, empathy and cooperation, all of which are important attributes to becoming a constructive member of the classroom and school community.