Upper School

As students move into the upper school (grades six through eight), they continue to feel valued as individuals, but they also begin the process of more rigorous preparation for entrance into challenging secondary schools. A full complement of academic subjects allows students to develop excellent habits of the mind. A wide range of extracurricular activities allows them to explore artistic, musical, and physical domains. Because teachers and students work together in a genuine partnership that ensures each person’s dignity and worth, the possibility of reaching ones full potential is maximized.

Students in the upper school experience an integrated curriculum that includes courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, and Latin. All eighth graders take Algebra I, and most students graduate having had both Spanish and Latin. Those who need support in writing or math may take writing lab or math lab in lieu of a world language. In addition, they are encouraged to become fully engaged in the school community as artists, performers, and athletes. Their close connections to the adults in the GUS community develop in them the confidence to be comfortable with adults so that they routinely join the teachers and coaches in a partnership to find success in secondary school and beyond.