The Johnson Gallery

Current exhibition

Elynn Kroger

A native of Massachusetts, Elynn Kröger has exhibited her work for the past 40 years and can be found in collections internationally. Intuitive, abstract, impressionist, textile, gestural, calligraphic, spatial, and organic, her work is not easily categorized . Working primarily with water based media, Kroger’s tools also include graphite and oil sticks. Sometimes hundreds of washes or layers can go into each piece, making the artist’s expression of freshness, subtlety and use of color all the more remarkable.

Kröger has been acknowledged since the start of her career, placing first in painting in her debut showing, to receiving a Massachusetts Council for the Arts grant, and achieving “Copley Artist” status in Boston. She was also selected a member of the New England Water Color Society, the youngest artist at the time of her induction. A resident of Gloucester for the past sixteen years, Kröger has exhibited her work locally at West End Studios/Gallery, Local Colors Gallery, “The Church” Gallery, the River Gallery, Passports Restaurant, the Hour Glass Gallery in Melrose, MA, and also at the Johnson Gallery in Beverly Farms, MA.

Elynn Kröger’s work may be currently viewed at her own year round gallery on Rocky Neck .

The exhibition runs through October 25.

All of the art is available for purchase. Twenty percent of the proceeds go to support the GUS Scholarship Fund.

Past exhibitions

Picture Books

The group exhibition, Picture Books, features work in all media. All works feature picture books as subject matter, integrate the book form within their structure, or reference a book thematically.

The artists included in the exhibition respond to books as objects and as a source of contemplation. A book has multiple connotations containing history and meaning.

Books mean so many things to so many people. We all have books that have changed our lives.

As new technologies are introduced to replace the traditional bound paper book, Picture Books reminds us of the strong presence of books in art, and their significant tradition of recording important events, stories, and lessons.

Past exhibitions

Cynthia Frost: Valuing Differences

GUS is pleased to announce “Valuing Differences” an exhibition of paintings by Cynthia Frost in the Johnson Gallery of the Lower School Building. Cynthia teaches painting at Tufts University through the combined program with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Frost studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and received her MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University, Medford, MA. Her paintings have been widely exhibited.

Cynthia’s obsessive paintings of infant heads chart the unique qualities found in every individual from birth. Her paintings engage the viewer with a direct and unforgiving gaze into the faces of newborns.  These compelling images transcend the notion of cute and innocent babies, and present these new human creatures as fully formed entities, wired in unique ways with distinct attributes and personalities.  Frost’s paintings allow us to go beyond the mere acceptance of humanity and examine the singular attributes and  differences of  people as we look deeper and see the beauty in everyone.

Cynthia grew up in Beverly where her mother owned and operated the Hale House Bookshop. Her love for reading that developed in childhood is second only to her love for painting, which is influenced by the former, especially the works about process by women writers who inspire her creative process. She currently lives in Stow and works nearby in her studio in the ARTspace community in Maynard.

NOTE: 25% of sales benefit the GUS Scholarship Fund

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Past exhibitions

Peter Stewart: Peace Be With You

The exhibition runs through December.

The GUS Johnson Gallery is honored to feature the photographs of our own beloved music specialist, Peter Stewart, entitled: Peace Be With You.  Peter has been involved with Glen Urquhart for over 24 years and has taught here for the last six. He is a multi-faceted teacher, composer, author and performer. Peter has led people in song for over 37 years all across America. His blend of music, humor and interaction with the audience make him a much-sought out motivational speaker across the country. This is his first art show. Peter is doing everything on his bucket list and would like to thank Dawn Southworth for making his dream come true.

Peter writes:

“ Each generation must learn anew the efficacy of silence and the wisdom of turning inward.”

The artist can only approximate the beauty all around. From the smallest electron to the farthest galaxy -creation is astoundingly beautiful.

On our trip last summer the tour guide asked, “ Do you see that glacier?” We all nodded yes. “It is the size of Rhode Island.”

We all stopped… as we tried to fathom how entirely breathtaking this world is. We were humbled.

I hope this display shows you a bit of our world as seen through my eyes, and…I hope it reminds you to stop and look around and see how entirely breathtaking this world is.

Peace be with you and yours.

Peter Stewart

All proceeds will go to the GUS Scholarship Fund and Heifer International- a group dedicated to eradication world hunger. The exhibition runs through December.

The Faces of the Maleku

This exhibition runs through October 24, 2010.

The GUS Johnson Gallery is honored to feature the exceptional photographs of Leah Breen entitled: The Faces of the Maleku. Leah is a GUS graduate, class of 2007, and is currently a senior at the Waring School. Leah began following her passion for photography while a student here at GUS, and many of her photographs were highlights of the Eighth Grade Art Show. While at Waring, Leah has continued making pictures. The Faces of the Maleku is the result of her travels to the impoverished Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, where the indigenous Maleku population is shrinking dramatically.

As a young Spanish student at Glen Urquhart with Barbara Kelley, Leah learned interviewing skills when visiting the Bootstraps in Lynn, and during the eighth grade community service project in Honduras. She applied these same skills when writing her text to accompany this exhibition. Leah Breen: Faces of the Maleku runs through October 24. View Leah Breen’s Artist Statement.

The Glen Urquhart School is located at 74 Hale Street, Beverly Farms, MA.
Gallery hours are Mon-Fri, 9 AM – 4 PM. For information call 978-927-1064.
NOTE: 25% of sales benefit the GUS Scholarship Fund
For information contact Dawn at:

Works by Robert Oppenheim

May 1 – June 16

Mr. Oppenheim’s abstract paintings are executed on frayed and worn textile remnants.  Solid fields of bright aquas and greens, or neutral blacks, grays and whites are riddled with looping lines of thread running through and around drips and pools of paint. Using the sewing machine as a drawing tool, Oppenheim creates dazzling lines of distinctively colored thread to evoke both tension and solace. Paint mysteriously oozes from behind the pierced holes of the fabric, while other droplets puddle together to form islands and shapes of unknown territories.

Mr. Oppenheim has an impressive list of accomplishments as an artist, curator, and educator.  He was recently the recipient of a prestigious Fellowship in Painting from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Oppenheim  has been a  distinguished Professor of Art at Simmons College for many years, where he is also the curator of the Simmons College Art Collection. He is also the founder and Director of  Simmons Trustman Gallery.

January 2010–Spring Break

Art by Kathleen Volp

Kathleen Volp blends the actual with the abstract. Her mixed media pieces integrate memory and story and are set within pattern and a sense of place.  Her work is painted, cobbled, shaped and nailed. Her paintings are richly textured with multiple layers and often include letters and text scrawled into the picture plane.

Volp1Volp’s paintings allow for multiple interpretations. Her surfaces are worked and reworked with one layer wandering into the next, creating rich associations and metaphors of our shared existence.

Kathleen received her BA from SUNY/ Empire State College, New York, NY, BA; and later attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design. An educator, Kathleen has taught at the Decordova Museum School, New Art Center in Newton, and the Concord, MA Public Schools. Volp has shown at the Revolving Museum, Concord Art Association, New Art Center, and Artspace, Maynard, and lives in Concord, MA.

The group exhibition in the Johnson Gallery features artists working with various media in non-traditional ways. Jack Clift, a sculptor, creates wall reliefs with complex patterns of painted cut metal. Wendy Small, a photographer, works without a camera in the production of elaborate unique color photograms. Ana Maria Hernando makes intricate works on paper, while Tom Judd incorporates antique maps, hand-written recipe pages and other collaged material.