Ages 13-14: Teen Apprentice Program

Teen Apprentice Program:
ages 13–14

8:30 am–4:00 pm

$350.00 per two-week session

The Teen Apprentice Program (TAP) was started in 1997 to give teens the opportunity to prepare for future employment as camp counselors. “Tappers” assist our campers, ages 4–8, under the direct supervision of workshop teachers and the summer program director. Tappers play games with the children, help them transition between activities, and assist the teachers and director as needed. Throughout this process, Tappers learn how to care and be responsible for young children while meeting expectations similar to those of an employer.

Successful applicants to TAP show promise as mature, enthusiastic individuals who are ready to handle job responsibilities. They must like working with young children and, preferably, have prior experience babysitting or in another position of responsibility. Interested applicants should submit a brief letter or email to the summer program director describing their work and volunteer experience, along with a completed summer program registration form indicating the dates for which they want to enroll. Our strongest applicants will be invited to interview for acceptance. Please do not send tuition payments until you have received an acceptance letter.

For more information, please contact:

Debora Diggins
Summer Program Director
978-927-1064, ext. 131